John Cherry


John Cherry in Australia owned a Cottin & Desgouttes which he was planning to restore. Here is what John wrote us:

My Cottin et Desgouttes is a 6 cylinder overhead valve engine, 3.9 litre, model 195M6 of about 1926. It is identical with Geoff Fullard’s car with the only difference his has a spare wheel each side, mine only on the left hand side, and had a large spotlight on the nearside on a large pedestal off the foot board, however this was allegedly stolen about 60 years ago.  This light matched the headlights except for being mounted as a spotlight.

John said that three came to Australia in that model. Geoff had one, he had one and the other is not around.  John had the engine numbers for his and Geoff ‘s and they are close.

My car has occasional seats, fold down from behind the front seat each side of a cocktail cabinet in the centre.  The car came from south western, New South Wales in the 1960’s having been left in the open air from about 1942 when the owner went to war, it had been left with his employer who had promised to keep it under cover while he was at war, on his return in 1945 he found the car had been left outside in the open for years, parts stolen and damaged. Together with the ravages of the weather, it was ruined, was again resurrected to going order when the differential failed, and was finally again left to the weather until I discovered and purchased the remains about 1964.  From then on it has been kept under cover and major dismantled for storage and several long distance removals due to employment commitments.  Over the years bits and pieces have  been procured, and others restored, I have cast several parts including all side engine covers, electrical bits, remade vacuum tank, cast missing brass and alloy fittings, plugs, taps, rebuilt radiator, partly restored motor, new pistons, rebore and about to make arrangements for total restoration over further time as finances become available.

The restoration time was estimated at 18 months.  

Here are photos of Geoff Fullard’s car before restoration:

I have gained a lot of literature on Cottin et Desgouttes over the years, not that it helped as most of it is in French, any attempts by a number of people failed to help as they found technical terms hard to correctly translate.

I am also very interested in obtaining information on Type 16M3.5 of 80mm x 138 bore and sroke, 3 valves per cylinder of 3 litre size sport model which I have. I will send photos of this at a later date.

John said he had most of one of the 12 hp Type M motors – see the Sales Material and Technical Material pages for details – and he could use it in the 12 cyl if necessary.


John had this mirror which is advertising the Cottin.  It looks like a picture in the scan but it is actually a mirror.

This is an old ad John had from 2000. His daughter has written to the email address to try and find out who the buyer was and where it is now. The address is old so may not be any good now.

A document on désaxé engines – John Cherry believed they were used by Cottin & Desgouttes – and the Nivex Gauge

Other documents


Watch this video showing the car as it was when purchased by John Cherry.

John Cherry passed away on Sunday 12th July, 2009. He and his daughter Narelle Spackman sent us these documents with their comments.

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