1930 Sahara Rally

Algiers (Algeria) – Gao (Nigeria)

The Sahara Rally took place in 1930 for the Centennial of Algeria. It was a difficult race – close to 7000 km of desert trails, linking Algiers to Gao, on the banks of the Niger river, and on to Tunis. It was truly a “Paris Dakar before its time”.

Four participants drove 14 hp Cottin-Desgouttes Sans-Secousse:

  • Roadsters
  • 6 cylinder 2.6 liter engines with 12 valves.
  • Independent wheels

The race was won by a Cottin & Desgouttes, in front of the most prestigious makers of the time: Bugatti, Chenard, Citroën, Delage, Ford, Hotchkiss and Renault.

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Video of the Cottin & Desgouttes Team

Pictures of the race


Article published in L’Illustration on 6 March 1930

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Restoration by the Fondation de l’Automobile Marius Berliet

See the page dedicated to this race on the web site of the Fondation de l’Automobile Marius Berliet.


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